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Forgotten Realms – The Spine of the World

1371 Dale Reckoning.

It’s been months since you received the note from your uncle asking for you to come to his aid. His note was somewhat cryptic, but it’s been decades since you’ve heard from him and you’re finally ready to embark on the last stage of your journey. The months have rolled by as you latched on to caravans, walked through muddy terrain, and braved the elements toward your initial destination of Waterdeep, The City of Splendors.

The week you’ve spent in Waterdeep has shown you why the nickname fits the bustling city. You’ve seen Blackstaff Tower and even caught a glimpse of the famous mage entering his home. The variety of races, colors, sounds and sights is like nothing you’d ever encountered. Unfortunately, Waterdeep was only a temporary stop on your way to Luskan, The City of Sails.

You’ve learned that Luskan is considered to be the last hint of civilization heading north. It’s location at the mouth of the River Mirar makes it an excellent port with which to disperse goods throughout the northern reaches. Many in Waterdeep speak of Luskan’s value as an economy, but it wasn’t till you started to look for passage on a ship up the Sword Coast that you heard rumblings of the pirates that wait to ambush the valuable cargo that gets carried up and down the Sword Coast.

Captain Liscaster seems to be an honorable man who is currently commissioned to sail to Luskan with a variety of cargo including corn meal, magical components, and spices that originated from far off Calisham. He has hired you on as a guard after your display with a blade. He has mentioned that it’s somewhat difficult to find a quality crew and equally non-existent are battle ready individuals prepared to travel the coast with the pirates waiting in ambush.

The sun is bright and your gear is packed as you approach the dock. The smell of the sea tantalizes your senses as you approach Captain Liscaster’s ship, Rancor

Main Page

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